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WHO reform process: documents

134th Executive Board, January 2014

Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly (WHA66) and Executive Board 133, May 2013

132nd Executive Board, January 2013

Special Session of the Programme, Budget and Administration Committee of the Executive Board (PBAC), 6-7 December 2012

A meeting focused on improving WHO’s financing.

Consultation with nongovernmental organizations, October 2012

The Sixty-fifth World Health Assembly requested WHO Secretariat to present a draft policy paper on WHO’s engagement with nongovernmental organizations to the Executive Board at its 132nd session in January 2013 (WHA65(9)). As a step in developing this draft policy WHO consulted NGOs on issues concerning consultation, collaboration and accreditation.

Sixty-fifth World Health Assembly (WHA65) and Executive Board 131, May 2012

Member State meeting on programmes and priority setting, February 2012

NGO consultation on programmes and priority setting, February 2012

130th Executive Board, January 2012

Special session of the Executive Board, November 2011

  • Executive Board special session documents
    About 100 Member States attended the first ever three-day special session of the Board. Discussions were held on the three main areas: priorities, governance and managerial reform.

Documents requested by Member States at 129th Executive Board, May 2011

Member States consultation with Geneva-based missions (2011)

Sixty-fourth World Health Assembly, May 2011

128th session of the Executive Board, January 2011

The future of financing for WHO - January 2010

  • The future of financing for WHO
    The discussion initiated in January 2010 on the future of the financing of WHO, the subsequent deliberations in 2010 and 2011 both by the Executive Board and by the World Health Assembly on the matter, as well as the inputs provided by Member States in different recent opportunities when consultative processes on the future of WHO have taken place, have resulted in a concerted vision on the need for a reform of WHO in order to place the Organization at the forefront of the global health challenges of the 21st Century.