Yaws and other endemic treponematoses

Eradication strategy

Intervention tools

  • Azithromycin (preferred drug)
  • Benzathine penicillin

Treatment policies

  • Total community treatment, where it is recommended to treat an entire endemic community initially, irrespective of the number of active clinical cases.
  • Total targeted treatment, where it is recommended to treat all active clinical cases and their contacts (household, school, and playmates).

Implementation steps

  • Identifying populations at risk.
  • In-country mapping of endemic foci.
  • Training of health workers and community agents.
  • Information, Education and communication (IEC), advocacy and social mobilization.
  • Case-finding (active and passive).
  • Treatment of cases and contacts based on new treatment policies.
  • Surveillance (clinical and serological).
  • Supervision, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Operational research.
  • Standardized reporting and recording systems.
  • Building national and international partnerships.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.


  • The number of new cases reported monthly from a community.
  • The coverage of treatment.
  • The serological prevalence in children aged 1-5 years once zero cases are reached.

Yaws in the news

15 May 2015 | Geneva
Yaws strategy development. Report of a meeting, 27–28 October 2014, Atlanta, USA
Ref: ISBN 978 92 4 150881

17 April 2015 | Geneva Eradication of yaws in India

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    Weekly epidemiological record, No.16, 2015, 90, 161–168

19 February 2015 | Geneva
Mass Treatment with Single-Dose Azithromycin for Yaws

29 September 2014 | Geneva
Where the Road Ends, Yaws Begins? The Cost-effectiveness of Eradication versus More Roads


Cases of yaws treated with single-dose oral azithromycin
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