Yaws eradication

India’s triumph over yaws adds momentum to global eradication


14 July 2016 | Geneva / New Delhi–WHO has urged countries that remain endemic for yaws to emulate the success of India and accelerate efforts to interrupt transmission by 2020. Today, a patient can easily be cured of yaws through a single-dose tablet of azithromycin; treatment can be given simultaneously to all people at risk of the disease in affected communities. India eliminated yaws using injectable penicillin. Today's celebration in New Delhi also marked the success of the country in eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus as a public health problem.

WHO to investigate yaws in the Philippines decades after last recorded cases

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March 2014 | Geneva -- The World Health Organization (WHO) will assist the Ministry of Health of the Philippines to investigate suspected cases of yaws that have recently been reported.

38 participants attended a two-day expert consultation from 24 to 25 March 2014 at WHO headquarters in Geneva to review progress achieved in implementing the WHO Morges Strategy developed in 2012 to eradicate yaws.

Yaws eradication will need millions of donated antibiotics, says WHO

February 2014 | Geneva -- The World Health Organization has stepped up efforts to eradicate yaws, described as the "forgotten disease", after the discovery of a single-dose oral antibiotic that can cure it.

Wiping out the bacterial skin disease that causes weeping ulcers would, however, depend on whether drug companies were prepared to donate millions of tablets, the WHO said.

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