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Join the World Blood Donor Day 2012 global campaign today and tell everyone how your community will celebrate under the theme: “Every blood donor is a hero.” on 14 June!

Communities around the world will collectively celebrate World Blood Donor Day on 14 June under the theme; “Every blood donor is a hero.” This theme focuses on the idea that every one of us can become a hero by giving blood. While recognizing the silent and unsung heroes who save lives every day through their blood donations, the theme also strongly encourages more people all over the world to donate blood voluntarily and regularly. The 2012 theme also resonates widely in relation to other everyday “heroes” – such as fire fighters, police men and women, rescue workers, civic leaders, and “champions” of social causes and community improvement.

Tell others how you will celebrate the contributions of blood donors as heroes in your community, city, region and your country by registering your event on WHO's World Blood Donor Day web page.

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