World Health Day

World Health Day 2010 logotypes

Download the logotype for World Health Day 2010. If you have questions about the logo's usage, please email: .


When preparing materials in support of World Health Day, this design and slogan can be used, and translated into other languages as needed. They should also be used in conjunction with the WHO official logo. Organizers are reminded that both the design and slogan of the World Health Day campaign and the WHO logo are WHO intellectual property, and should be used only to identify events and materials related to World Health Day. The World Health Day design and the WHO logo may not be reproduced together with commercial logos, be used for the purpose of self-promotion or for obtaining any commercial or personal financial gain, nor may it be utilized in any manner which implies WHO endorsement of activities or products of a commercial enterprise.

To download the logo

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WHD 2010 logo - black

WHD 2010 logo - colour

WHD 2010 logo - white (with a transparent background)

Note on logo formats

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