New members' profiles

  • Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC)
    9 September 2013
    MEDICC promotes cooperation among the US, Cuban and global health communities to improve health outcomes and equity, offering the Cuban experience to inform global debate, policies and practice.
  • International Society for Disease Surveillance (ISDS)
    1 June 2013
    ISDS works to improve population health by advancing the science and practice of disease surveillance to support timely and effective prevention and response among an informed and skilled public health workforce.
  • Action pour l’Humanisation des Hôpitaux (Acthu)(jn French)
    1 June 2013
    Acthu œuvre pour la sécurité du patient et la réduction des inégalités à l’accès aux services de santé.
  • The Open University, International Development Office
    1 June 2013
    The Open University's mission is to be open to people, places, methods and ideas. We promote educational opportunity and social justice by providing high-quality university education to all who wish to realise their ambitions and fulfil their potential.
  • Sanigest Internacional
    1 June 2013
    Sanigest is a premier health care and social sector consulting firm focusing on emerging markets.
  • Tanzanian Training Center for International Health
    1 June 2013
    The Tanzanian Training Center for International Health (TTCIH) is a health training institution for local and international level. TTCIH hosts courses and runs own developed courses every year. It’s a role model with its rural setting environment in training Tanzania health workforce. Main thematic areas of focus are Maternal and Child health, Clinical courses, Community health, and medical education.
  • BEST (Britannia Economical Support Trust)
    1 March 2013
    Registered Charity
  • Beta Nu Delta Nursing Society Inc.
    1 March 2013
    The only Greek-letter professional nursing organization of Filipino nurse leaders and researchers
  • Directorate general of HRH Development
    1 March 2013
    The Directorate General of HRH Development has the national mandate to "act as an oversight agency and a reliable reference for strategic and operational issues pertinent to HRH." It role is "to maintain, improve, and sustain key functions and activities related to the development and well-functioning of the HRH sector in the Sudan."
  • Doctor of Pharmacy Association
    1 March 2013
    Advancing public health and medication use by promoting the professional interests of Doctor of Pharmacy Professionals in India.
  • Health Services Academy Islamabad, Pakistan
    1 March 2013
    Health Services Academy is nationally and internationally recognised center of excellence in Public Health, contributing to the health and well-being of the People of Pakistan and around the world
  • HealthGov
    1 March 2013
    HealthGov is a network of international researchers, health professionals, regulators and policy makers. It provides a forum for discussion, promotion and collaboration on research in health governance. It was established in 2007 as part of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Governance Research Network, GovNet. Professor Stephanie Short, the University of Sydney, is the Convenor.
  • Institute for International Health and Development (IIHD), Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
    1 March 2013
    Our multidisciplinary team has a long-standing commitment to addressing health care challenges in areas of conflict, poverty and vulnerability…”
  • Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp
    1 March 2013
    The ITM is one of the world's leading academic institutes for research, training and assistance in tropical medicine and health policy, systems and service delivery in developing countries.
  • Integrated Social Development Effort (ISDE) Bangladesh
    1 March 2013
    ISDE Bangladesh is a non-governmental, voluntary, not for profit making, non-religious and development organization. From inception in 1992, it has been implementing various development activities to uplift the socio-economic and cultural condition of the ultra poor, climate refugees, vulnerable children and women, reduction of poverty and hunger; improve the health and hygiene condition. It has given emphases to the development of the women and children through awareness raising, access to the local resources, strengthening capacity and skills of their organization, imparting felt-need based problem-solving program by adopting modern scientific knowledge and techniques.
    1 March 2013
    Joint Forum of Medical Technologists of India (JFMTI) is a national registered federal organization of associations/unions of medical technologists from various streams of health sciences, working in hospitals/health institutions of Central Government, State Governments, autonomous health institutions, local and private health establishments in India.
  • New World Hope Organization (NWHO)
    1 March 2013
    NWHO is a nonprofit organization that works to provide assistance to people across the globe by offering medical, humanitarian services and environmental protection programs such as health; education, environment, water and sanitation, humanitarian and disability relief, climate change and natural disasters research and policy, assistance to victims of natural or man-made disasters, poverty alleviation, and women’s and children’s rights.
  • Public Health Perspective (PHP)
    1 March 2013
    Public Health Perspective (PHP) is the first online public health newsletter of Nepal.
  • Reproductive and Child Health Research Unit (RCRU), at University of Medical Sciences and Technology (UMST)
    1 March 2013
    RCRU is a leading centre for health system research and capacity building in reproductive and child health in Sudan. RCRU’s projects focus on difficult-to-reach communities in post-conflict settings, and aims to develop a vulnerable community into a sustainable community.
  • Sickle Cell Carers Awareness Network (SCCAN)
    1 March 2013
    Sickle Cell Carers Awareness Network (SCCAN) is a non profit making, non governmental organisation that was started in Jaiama Nimikor in the Kono District in January 2008.
  • Southern Philippines Medical Center Nurses Association Inc.
    1 March 2013
    Southern Philippines Medical Center Nurses Association Inc. is a registered professional organization under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. It facilitates and leads SPMC Nurses in the acquisition of knowledge, skills and right attitude in the practice of the nursing profession. It also initiates continuing education programs that will enhance the nurse's capabilities in attaining the highest level of competence.
  • Spartan Health Sciences University
    1 March 2013
    The organization is a Health Sciences University whose mission and objectives is to train future physician with the necessary medical knowledge, competent skills and the compassionate attitude for the practice of medicine in the broad community.
  • The Taborian Center for International Health Education and Research
    1 March 2013
    The Taborian Center for International Health Education and Research, located in the restored historic Taborian Hospital building in Mound Bayou, Mississippi provides educational opportunities in international health for minority students and conducts research on the impact on chronic diseases and social determinants of health by community health workers.
  • The Mother and Child Health and Education Trust
    1 March 2013
    We employ all communications technologies to reach and transfer health and nutrition knowledge directly from and to the whole community. We have several portals and web sites, initiatives, projects and implementations that reflect our larger contribution towards using innovation for empowering rural masses.
    1 October 2012
    The FOUNDATION was established to promote and support sustainability of health programmes and interventions, which have been proven to have impact on the health and social well being of people in Africa, especially in West Africa, through strengthening of country health systems and collaboration with organisations who have similar interests.