Sanigest Internacional

Sanigest is a premier health care and social sector consulting firm focusing on emerging markets.

Member profile

Sanigest Internacional is a healthcare consulting and management company with offices in Miami, USA, Bratislava, Slovakia, Astana, Kazakhstan and San José, Costa Rica. The firm offers a complete capability in the fields of health care restructuring, health reform, healthcare guidelines, standards and policies, hospital management, financing and contracting, and related areas in the field of health sector modernization working for development institutions, governments, finance institutions, social security agencies, suppliers and other key stakeholders.

Main activities

Sanigest is a premier health care and social sector consulting firm focusing on emerging markets. Our Vision is to be a world leader in the delivery of consulting and management services in the health and social sectors. Sanigest Internacional was founded to address the challenges of an ever-changing world. Worldwide, pressure for change on the health sector– normally in very unstable settings – is affecting society at large due to turbulent markets, changing demographics, and shifting disease patterns. These pressures have forced policymakers to reflect on their strategies, redesign their processes, implement new solutions, and manage continuous change in an efficient, cooperative, and socially respectful manner.

Sanigest’s guiding objective is to create value for our clients. The combined expertise of our firm in over 300 projects, in more than 60 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, Asia, Africa and Europe, allows us to fully understand and manage the opportunities, issues, and obstacles facing our clients.

Links to the health workforce crisis

Sanigest Internacional currently has a number of restructuring projects in developing countries, that of which HRH is a crucial element to reshaping the way health care is delivered at a country level. In Eastern Europe (Republic of Moldova) we currently work with the ministry of health in the planning and development of the decentralization of specialized care services with a focus on attraction and retention of specialist at the rural area.

In Central Asia (Kazakhstan) we have developed workforce requirements for the implementation of the reorganization of current health care services at the national level in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

In Latin America and the Caribbean we currently are developing national strategies that focus on developing capacity in the public health sector by means of continuous professional development CPD based on the current and projected health needs of the population.