Membership criteria and responsibilities

Membership criteria

An organization seeking membership with the Alliance should meet the following criteria:

  • Be active in the area of human resources for health, or a closely related field;
  • Endorse the values and general principles of the Alliance, as reflected in its strategic plan;
  • Represent an institution, agency or government active in the Alliance's priority areas; and
  • Be actively supporting the attainment of the Kampala Declaration and the Agenda for Global Action on HRH.

Membership responsibilities

  • Actively initiate and participate in collaborative activities to achieve MDGs and health for all;
  • Contribute to Alliance activities. Contributions can include direct and indirect funding for HRH, technical expertise, staff time, and assistance with media and networking;
  • Promote the principles and values of the Alliance; and
  • Share knowledge and information on lessons learned, success stories, case studies, program results and policy approaches that help to accelerate action towards the health workforce crisis.

Members are encouraged to:

  • Link to the Alliance website from their organization's website;
  • Keep their profile contact information up-to-date by communicating changes to the Alliance secretariat;
  • Contribute to Alliance activities and newsletter by sharing new ideas, data, best practices and other important and relevant news related to the health workforce crisis;
  • Attend and contribute to the Global Forum on Human Resources for Health and satellite events;
  • Participate in the implementation and monitoring of the Kampala Declaration and Agenda for Global Action;
  • Regularly update the Alliance on their HRH activities to support the mapping at global, regional and country levels;
  • Promote the work of the Alliance; and
  • Advocate for health workers for all and all for health workers.