CapacityPlus is the Featured Member
on GHWA’s e-Platform

Every month, the Alliance secretariat invites a member organization to become “Featured Member” on the GHWA members’ e-platform. This is an opportunity for users of the e-platform to learn about the HRH work carried out by one of the several organizations that comprise the Alliance. CapacityPlus has been selected as March's Featured Member.

Funded by USAID and led by IntraHealth International, CapacityPlus is a ground-breaking project devoted to strengthening the health workforce needed to implement quality health programs and move countries closer to universal health coverage. Placing health workers at the centre of every effort, CapacityPlus’ team of 80 staff is helping 23 countries to improve maternal, newborn and child health; increase access to family planning and reproductive health services; expand access to HIV/AIDS services; and, reduce the toll of malaria, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases. CapacityPlus works together with national governments and multilateral organizations by providing state-of-the-art expertise, models, tools, training, and context-specific analyses.

The project works to:

  • Foster global leadership and advocacy for human resources for health
  • Enhance HRH policy and planning
  • Improve health workforce development
  • Strengthen support to health workers to improve retention and productivity
  • Generate and disseminate knowledge.

As Featured Member, over the coming weeks, CapacityPlus will host discussions on the following topics:

  • March 3-7: Supporting Country-Led Efforts to Recruit and Retain Health Workers and Improve Their Productivity
  • March 10-14: Open Source Health Workforce Information Systems
  • March 17-21: Monitoring and Evaluation of HRH
  • March 24-28: Transforming and Scaling Up Health Professional Education

We invite and encourage you to join the discussion and actively engage with CapacityPlus’ staff on the GHWA members’ e-platform.