2014 International Midwife Award

Every day nearly 8,000 newborns and 800 mothers die from causes related to pregnancy, childbirth and complications during the first month of life. In addition, more than 7,300 babies are stillborn every day – a death just when a parent expects to welcome a new life. Nearly all of these deaths take place in poor countries, and most can be prevented. Midwives and others with midwifery skills are the single most important cadre for preventing maternal, neonatal deaths and stillbirths.

The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) together with Save the Children would like to recognize and reward two midwives who are champions for newborn survival, often against all odds. The 2014 ICM Congress, hosted by ICM and the Czech Confederation of Midwives, provides a good platform to honor excellence in midwifery in high-burden countries.

Award Objectives:

The awards seek to recognize midwives who specialize in maternal and newborn care in low-resource settings, where the majority of deaths occur. They offer an opportunity to bring international attention to the achievements of midwives and the urgent need for more health workers. Winners will be identified and supported as new champions for maternal and newborn health, and encouraged to leverage the international attention gathered during the congress to spur country-level action.

A nominee should:

  • Be working in a low- or middle-income country that is high burden for maternal and neonatal deaths (see below for a list of qualifying countries);
  • Be actively working in the public or non-profit health sector, in clinical work, education, research or outreach, having an effect beyond one hospital or unit;
  • Provide an example of commitment to newborn care, for example training in essential newborn care, resuscitation, or kangaroo mother care;
  • Show compassion and empathy for women, newborns, families, as well as co-workers;
  • Be a positive role model - dynamic, motivated, passionate, and an agent for change;
  • Remain up to date with current midwifery practice;
  • Promote and participate in building a positive work environment, including staff growth, mentorship, learning, and development.

The 2014 International Midwife Awards are sponsored by Save the Children and ICM, and given on behalf of EveryOne, Save the Children’s global campaign to save children’s lives, and Save the Children’s Saving Newborn Lives program (SNL), supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation