Call for papers for Midwifery special issue 2013

The Midwifery journal is currently seeking papers for a forthcoming Special Issue related to the Millennium Development Goals to complement The Lancet’s forthcoming special issue, 2013. The deadline for submission has now been extended until 15 February 2013.

The State of the World’s Midwifery 2011 — the first of its kind — took stock of the practice in 58 countries with high rates of maternal, foetal and newborn mortality. The report states that across the 58 countries as many as 3.6 million maternal, foetal and newborn deaths per year could be averted if all women had access to the full package of reproductive, maternal and newborn care. A common feature is the lack of access to quality midwifery services. These are not just issues for low income countries, access and coverage to midwifery care has been raised as an issue in middle and high income countries too.

The State of the World’s Midwifery 2011 identified three key points relating to the status of the midwifery profession and the challenges and barriers that affect midwifery, its development and its effectiveness. This special issue of Midwifery will address the particular role and contribution of midwives to the quality of care, health and wellbeing of mothers and newborns in low, medium and high income countries.

Authors are kindly requested to submit their full manuscripts for consideration to Midwifery at by 15 February 2013. More information about Midwifery is available at

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