Alliance new 'Member Engagement Action Plan' – help us shape the future of health workforce!

Alliance Member Engagement Action Plan

In 2013 the Alliance is looking forward to a greater collaboration and engagement among its over 400 members, as also foreseen in the Alliance Strategy 2013-2016. This new strategy emphasized an enhanced partnership model, which means that a key principle of 2013–2016 activities will be to galvanize, harness and enable the potential capacity of Alliance members, partners and other relevant stakeholders. The new Member Engagement Action Plan has been developed by a representative group of members and partners and is made available until 30 January 2013 for consultation with the wider membership.

Enhanced member engagement will bring greater benefits to individual members besides to the synergies it brings to the Alliance. The Alliance members will have more opportunities for growth through improved access to information and evidence on HRH and increased participation in the activities and working groups of the Alliance, bringing added value to their work in their own settings. With combined effort the HRH community will become a more cohesive and vibrant group working on the common agenda with greater impact and influence into the global, regional and local discourse to highlight the position of HRH in universal health coverage and towards and beyond health MDGs.

It is understood that there are and will be different levels of engagement by members and recognition of their unique contributions, some members being primarily motivated by information sharing while others have the capacity and interest to play an active role in the various initiatives of the Alliance, as outlined in the Plan. Whichever role you are more comfortable with, we would like to ask you to provide your views and especially how you and your organization can contribute to the activities in the plan and to the fulfillment of the mission of the Alliance.

  • Do you see the actions listed in the Member Engagement Plan useful to enhance members’ engagement at higher level and by more members in the work of the Alliance?
  • Are there any other actions in your opinion that members can take to add value to the Alliance?
  • Will you or your organization be interested in participating or take lead in the suggested actions?
  • What activities is your organization currently undertaking, that would fit into the overall engagement plan?
    • Research and evidence building
    • HRH advocacy
    • HRH programme implementation
    • Partnership building
    • Advisory/technical role
    • Other

With the concerted efforts with all the Alliance members it is expected that the Alliance will maintain and strengthen its position as an advocate, convener and catalyzer in the international HRH landscape and retain its leadership position. It will remain responsive concentrating on the priority health workforce actions where it has a comparative advantage.

We look forward to hearing from you by 30 January 2013.