Health Labour Market Analysis Regional Workshop, March 25-27, 2013, Hammamat, Tunisia

The new study is likely to help improve HRH policy making, planning, financing and management practices.
Credit: HHA

At a recent regional workshop on “Health Labour Market Analysis”, the Global Health Workforce Alliance, the World Bank and the African Development Bank jointly took forward an analytical study aiming to address the HRH situation focusing on Africa and using the health labour market analytical framework. The overall goal of this joint study is to support health policy makers and health program managers in Africa to understand better the status, trends and dynamics of health workforce through the assessment of recent Health Labour Market (HLM) analysis conducted in the African context. The workshop also discussed the potential value added of evidence-based HRH policies based on sound HLM analysis (including education, skills mix, retention, performance incentives, regulation and management).

The meeting concluded with an agreements that HLM framework not only as a powerful analytical tool, but also as an entry door to for cross-sectoral collaboration, as it provides the occasion for health, education, finance, labour, public, private, for profit and not-for-profit, to work together towards addressing common priorities

A number of global players were in attendance, including the WHO, UNFPA and MSH. Senior officials from 7 African countries (Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana) and a representative from Asia (India/AAAH) were among the participants who shared their experiences.

The conference will be followed up by relevant capacity building activities to ensure that HLM analyses feed into planning and strategic processes in countries. A report of the meeting will be made available shortly.