AMREF’s 'Stand Up for African Mothers' campaign

Esther Madudu, government-employed midwife and AMREF’s nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015
“Thanks to the training from AMREF, I can manage complicated deliveries, so I am able to care for women who might otherwise have died in the absence of a doctor.” said Esther Madudu, government-employed midwife and AMREF’s nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015.

Alliance Member, AMREF, has launched a campaign to 'Stand up for African Mothers' to raise awareness on the plight of African mothers, and to mobilise citizens worldwide to ensure that mothers get the basic medical care they need during pregnancy and childbirth. No child should be left an orphan due to lack of health care for women. The Stand Up for African Mothers campaign aims to train 15,000 midwives by 2015 and contribute towards reduction of maternal deaths by 25%. Once trained, a single midwife can provide care for 500 women every year, including safe delivery of 100 babies.

Without basic medical care that women in developed countries take for granted, maternal mortality remains a heavy burden in sub-Saharan Africa where:

  • 200,000 mothers die every year due to a lack of simple medical care
  • 1.5 million African children are left motherless each year, and
  • 40% of African women do not receive prenatal care, and more than half of all deliveries take place at home without medical assistance.

“African women are at the centre of the social and economic development chain. The death of a mother while giving birth is a big setback for African society. Through the training of more midwives, AMREF is helping to deliver an immediate, sustainable solution. A healthy Africa needs healthy mothers, and African mothers need African midwives.” said AMREF Director General Dr Teguest Guerma.

Midwives are an essential component of the workforce and key players in the achievement of Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5. Policy makers must invest to overcome existing shortages to ensure that all people particularly the poor and those that live in remote areas, have access to skilled health midwives”, said Alliance Executive Director, Dr Sheikh.


The Alliance urges all members and partners to sign the online petition and take a stand for African mothers and midwives, giving them a voice with governments and international organisations. The goal is to have 100,000 signatures from people around the world who are standing up for African mothers.