Aspirations for quality health care in Uganda: How do we get there?

Article published in Human Resources for Health 2013, 11:13 (22 March 2013)

Clare I R Chandler, James Kizito, Lilian Taaka, Christine Nabirye, Miriam Kayendeke, Deborah DiLiberto and Sarah G Staedke

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Publication date: 22 March 2013


Despite significant investments and reforms, health care remains poor for many in Africa. To design an intervention to improve access and quality of health care at health facilities in eastern Uganda, we aimed to understand local priorities for qualities in health care, and factors that enable or prevent these qualities from being enacted.

Health-care workers and seekers valued technical, interpersonal and resource qualities in their aspirations for health care. However, such qualities were frequently not enacted, and our analysis suggests that meeting aspirations required social and financial resources to negotiate various power structures.

This article argues that achieving aspirations for qualities valued in health care will require a genuine reorientation of focus by health workers and their managers toward patients, through renewed respect and support for these providers as professionals.