Longitudinal study of rural health workforce in five counties in China: research design and baseline description

Article published in Human Resources for Health 2013, 11:17 (4 May 2013)

Huiwen Xu, Weijun Zhang, Xiulan Zhang, Zhiyong Qu, Xiaohua Wang, Zhihong Sa, Yafang Li, Shuliang Zhao, Xuan Qi and Donghua Tian

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Publication date: 4 May 2013


The village doctors have served rural residents for many decades in China, and their role in rural health system has been highly praised in the world; unfortunately, less attention has been paid to the health workforce during the ambitious healthcare reform in recent years. This longitudinal study explores the current situation and track the future evolution of the rural healthcare workforce.

Village doctors in rural China are facing critical challenges, including ageing, gender imbalance, low education, and a lack of social protection. This study may be beneficial for making better policies for the development of the health workforce and China's healthcare reform.