Human resources needs for universal access to antiretroviral therapy in South Africa: a time and motion study

Article published in Human Resources for Health 2012, 10:39

Jan AC Hontelez, Marie-Louise Newell, Ruth M Bland, Kristen Munnelly, Richard J Lessells and Till Bärnighausen

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Publication date: 30 October 2012


Although access to life-saving treatment for patients infected with HIV patients in South Africa has improved substantially since 2004, treating all eligible patients (universal access) remains elusive. As the prices of antiretroviral drugs have dropped over the past years, availability of human resources may now be the most important barrier to achieving universal access to HIV treatment in Africa. We quantify the number of HIV health workers (HHWs) required to be added to the current HIV workforce to achieve universal access to HIV treatment in South Africa, under different eligibility criteria.