Side events


A list of side events at the Third Global Forum is now available. Side events will take place on

  • 9 November: full day
  • 10 November: 08:30-12:30, and
  • 13 November: 14:00-18:00.

We received an overwhelming number of proposals and we’d like to thank you for your interest. In selecting the events we have kept in mind the need for regional/institutional balance, the multisectoral representation of our member/partner organizations, and the relevance of the issue so as to best meet the expectations of the participants.

The current selection of side events will address an assortment of priorities critical to health workforce development and will provide linkages to various sessions within the main Forum Programme. Areas of focus of these events include - HRH planning, recruitment & retention, migration, leadership, management, occupational safety and health, roles of the private sector and civil society, community health workers, nursing and midwifery - among others.