Calling for Alliance Member/Partner Commitments

3rd Global Forum on Human Resources for Health
Recife, Brazil - 10 – 13 November 2013

The success of the Global Health Workforce Alliance is based on the contribution of its members. Those who sign up to the Alliance are committed to resolving the health workforce crisis and in addition have an important role to play in ensuring the Alliance delivers results. The Forum in Brazil serves as a great opportunity to harness and showcase the work of our members and partners and at the same time engage our members to share responsibility towards addressing the health workforce crisis. To this end, we are inviting our members to make commitments1 towards the health workforce agenda. By adding up all our members’ commitments however small they may seem, we can demonstrate a striking picture of the results we will achieve, and encourage others to join in and play their part.

How to frame your commitments

Some of you are already working on commitments for the Forum. You may be helping with country processes or have signed up to country actions. You may be involved in regional work or global initiatives e.g. on training or health worker safety. There are a number of advocacy groups. We invite you to highlight your contributions to these and encourage your colleagues to work on collective commitments. We are of course interested in anything you are directly implementing yourself. Whilst it is an opportunity to highlight your ongoing pledges, it would be good to highlight new areas. We do not encourage simplistic, quick-fix initiatives, rather are looking for commitments with a longer term vision contributing to strengthening health systems.

The most compelling argument will come from the results or outcomes. So it is important that you let us know:

  • what your commitment is,
  • what the commitment/contribution will achieve,
  • who will benefit
  • how this initiative contributes to – strengthening the health system, national health plans, achieving universal health coverage or working across sectors
  • how this contributes towards the work of GHWA and what more you will do to make the Alliance a success

Some examples

We are a diverse range of actors and have different contributions to make.

Countries are already working on their commitments using this framework. It highlights the three principles of strengthening health systems, universal health coverage and multisectoral working and seeks actions on improving availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality giving some examples of each. It encourages commitments following a “systemic approach” to HRH.

Some other actions that members might want to take are set out below:

Delivery – service provision, policy change, financing

  • serving as an implementing partner for country action/commitments
  • training initiatives, education, capacity building etc.
  • providing finances for relevant activities
  • driving through policy change
  • supporting governments, partners and coalitions through finance, capacity building or a combination

Global, regional or local collective action

  • advocacy (in groups or individual contributions) - campaigns, sessions at global, regional, national level meetings, (include the specific subjects and the intended outcome)
  • joint working - setting up, convening or a serving as a member of HRH platforms / groups (what is your role, what is the aim), acting as a focal point for HR work,
  • sharing best practice at local and global levels (through GHWA), through publications, platforms, conferences etc.
  • monitoring – tracking commitments, publicising results,
  • encouraging and facilitating local health workers to have a voice – expressing their needs and contributing to policy ideas etc.
  • supporting – any of the above or other joint activities through finance or mentoring

Whilst all the above activities contribute to the work that GHWA is encouraging, we really need to know what you can do going forward to make the Alliance a success. This might include encouraging new members, active involvement in discussions and platforms, leading or encouraging various initiatives.

Why it is important

Your commitments will ensure that the Forum can chart a path going forward to maintain and increase the emphasis on HRH. The greatest gains in recent years have been made by working together across a range of actors, encouraged and supported by the Global Health Workforce Alliance.

How to make your commitments

For this exciting initiative we will be working with Carolyn Miller, former Board Member of GHWA and former Chief Executive of Merlin. Please send in your commitments to Carolyn ( by 20 October, preferably before. Carolyn will be in contact with some of you over the coming month to talk yours through, see if you need any help or please do contact her to discuss your ideas. Your commitments will be announced at the Third Global forum on Human Resources for Health in Recife.

1: This is separate from the GHWA/WHO country commitments being solicited.