A key objective of the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health is to elicit new political commitments on Human Resources for Health (HRH), based on technical evidence, in order to accelerate progress towards Universal Health Coverage and the attainment of the health MDGs. The Global Health Workforce Alliance and the WHO Secretariat have recently developed a commitment template which can guide countries, institutions and other relevant stakeholders in identifying relevant pathways of HRH actions as a basis to elicit new commitments to be announced at the event.

In the lead up to the Forum, we would like to invite all member organizations of the Alliance and other HRH stakeholders to identify suitable HRH commitment pathways, consistent with and contributing to national health strategies or plans or broader global HRH priorities. The identification of country-specific HRH commitments will be accompanied by global commitments which will be captured in a global declaration to be adopted at the Forum.

Some key issues to keep in mind while using the template:

  • The template is an advocacy instrument to facilitate a dialogue. HRH actions in the template have been selected on the basis of existing evidence, policy and normative guidance (such as systematic reviews, WHO guidelines, the WHO code of practice on international recruitment of health personnel, reports and policy documents originating from GHWA task forces and from the 1st and 2nd Global Fora on HRH, etc). While not all of the HRH actions may be required or represent a priority in each single country (the template should not be seen as a blueprint), in the aggregate they represent areas that are likely to be of the greatest relevance in most contexts.
  • the template illustrates the inter-dependence and inter-connectedness of different areas of health workforce development - thereby advocating and adopting a holistic approach to eliciting commitments.

For any necessary clarifications, further information about HRH commitment pathways, and to submit the commitments, please write to: with “commitments” in the subject line.