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Governance of the Alliance

Governance is overseen by a Board with a broad representation of stakeholders. The Secretariat, administered by WHO, as hosting partner, has a small core group of professionals driving and coordinating the implementation of The Alliance Strategic Plan and the Kampala Declaration and Agenda of Action. The Secretariat reports directly to the Board for programmatic results and to WHO for administration of personnel and financial matters. WHO does not fund nor control The Alliance' operations, but is a founding member and partner of The Alliance with a permanent seat on the Board of The Alliance, as are professional associations, NGOs and other constituencies including donor governments.

Central to the Alliance strategy is the convening groups of international experts to address key issues identified as global challenges. Task Forces and Working Groups are established as needed to address specifically defined areas of work such as migration and retention, education and training, financing and universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.

The Alliance Members are central to all our work. The Alliance has therefore consistently built its membership base - with institutions sharing its vision, goals and methods. Read more about members in the Members & Partners section of this web site.