Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health

iERG welcomes a young person as a new member

Take adolescents seriously! This is one of the six key recommendations that the iERG put forward in the recently released 2013 report – Every Woman, Every Child: Strengthening Equity and Dignity through Health.

To set an example of how young voices can be better included in the evidence gathering and deliberations, the group recommended that a young (under-25) person with proven interest or experience in women’s, adolescents’, and children’s health be selected from an international selection process to join the iERG for the next biennium.

In response to this recommendation, WHO initiated a Call for submission of nomination of a young person (4 October – 31 November 2013). The WHO received nominations for 49 extraordinary gifted young female and male candidates.

On 7th November 2013, the members of the Selection Committee reviewed the applications and made their recommendation, which was then endorsed by the WHO Director-General. The Committee reached an unanimous decision and proposed the appointment of Ms Sejal Hathi as a new ninth member of the iERG.

WHO and the iERG are delighted to welcome Sejal and look forward to working with her to promote accountability for women and children.