Water Sanitation Health

Manual for economic assessment of drinking water interventions


Publication details

Editors: Water, Sanitation and Health Programme, World Health Organization
Number of pages: 43
Publication date: June 2012
WHO reference number: WHO/HSE/WSH/12.03



In 2011 WHO and IWA published Valuing water, valuing livelihoods: guidance on social cost-benefit analysis of drinking-water interventions, with special reference to small community water supplies.

Two of the authors developed a manual which outlines a practical method for doing an economic assessment of a drinking-water intervention in five logical steps This practical approach to appraising or evaluating small-scale water supply interventions is placed in the specific context of a case study carried out in a cluster of villages in the north-east of the Limpopo Province of South Africa close to the borders with Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It permits the comparison of drinking-water interventions with a wide range of health and non-health interventions aimed at improving human well-being though creating opportunities for more productive livelihoods.

The material consists of the Manual and two spreadsheets: one spreadsheet presenting the data collected and analysed in the case study, the other spreadsheet serving as a generic model. The document version of the manual is complemented by an identical version formatted for the web.

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