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Water safety plans: Managing drinking-water quality from catchment to consumer

Prepared by Annette Davison, Guy Howard, Melita Stevens, Phil Callan, Lorna Fewtrell, Dan Deere and Jamie Bartram

During the revision of the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality leading to the 3rd edition, the value of the Water Safety Plan (WSP) approach has repeatedly been highlighted. The potential for water safety plan application has been evaluated in a series of expert review meetings in Berlin (2000), Adelaide (2001) and Loughborough (2001). This document describes the water safety plan approach and further substantiation is provided in a set of companion volumes addressing source protection, treatment processes (at supply and household level), distribution of drinking-water and selection of parameters and analytical methods.

This book is aimed at practitioners at all levels. It is especially relevant to water quality managers, regulators (including those people responsible for putting together guidance notes on interpretation), auditors, consultants and international organizations.

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Water safety plans: managing drinking-water quality from catchment to consumer

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