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Previous editions of the Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality

Since 1958 WHO has periodically published "International Standards for Drinking-Water" and later "Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality". The current third edition is available online as well as the third edition (2004), the second edition and other volumes in this collection.

Second edition

First edition

  • Volume 1. Recommendations, 1984
  • Volume 2. Health criteria and other supporting information, 1984
  • Volume 3. Drinking-water quality control in small-community supplies, 1985

International Standards for Drinking-Water

  • Surveillance of Drinking-water Quality, 1976
  • International Standards for Drinking-water, 3rd ed., 1971
  • International Standards for Drinking-Water, 2nd ed., 1963
  • International Standards for Drinking-Water, 1st ed., 1958

European Standards for Drinking-Water