Violence and Injury Prevention

Project on developing national policies to prevent violence and injuries

In late 2005 WHO published a guideline describing the necessary steps for development of a national injury prevention policy entitled Developing national policies to prevent violence and injuries: a guideline for policy-makers and planners.

These guidelines culminated from a consultative process which drew from in-country experience with policy development to prevent violence and injuries. The guidelines provide the rationale behind the need for such policies, the importance of the health sector in their development, and the link between national policies and legislation. The guidelines also provide a step-by-step process for the development of national policies to prevent violence and injuries. Phase one involves designing and leading the policy development process; phase two addresses formulating the policy; and phase three concerns the approval and endorsement of these policy tools. The experiences and lessons learned from developing national policies and related legislation in a number of countries are used throughout the text to highlight specific issues. The guideline was pilot tested in a number of settings around the world, and is now available to the general public through this web site by ordering in print form and by downloading.