Violence and Injury Prevention

Cambodia launches a mass media campaign on drinking and driving

With support from the WHO country office in Cambodia, the National Road Safety Committee (NRSC) and the Ministry of Information released on 18 October 2013 a new mass media campaign aimed at drivers of cars and motorcycles to increase public awareness of the negative consequences of drinking and driving, a major risk for road traffic death and injury on Cambodia’s roads.

The “If You Drink, Don’t Drive” campaign is funded through the Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Road Safety Programme, and consists of television commercials, radio messages and outdoor visuals on tuk-tuks and billboards.

It highlights that drinking alcohol even in relatively small amounts increases the risk of being involved in a crash which could injure drivers, riders and even pedestrians. It also draws attention to the fact that offenders are increasingly more likely to be caught and fined as the Government steps up patrols by the police.

The campaign was launched prior to the National Water Festival Holiday, and will run for two months.