Human African trypanosomiasis

The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute – STPH

The Swiss Tropical Institute (STPH), now Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), was founded in 1943. Its mandate is to contribute to the improvement of the health of populations internationally and nationally through excellence in research, providing services as well as teaching and training. In that context the Medicine Research Department of STPH has conducted different clinical trials for new therapeutic tools in HAT. They developed a new short course melarsoprol treatment schedule for Gambiense form of sleeping sickness patients. This new protocol turned out to be a substantial simplification of the treatment by reducing treatment time from 3 weeks to 10 days. STPH conducted a study to investigate safety, tolerability and efficacy of the melarsoprol abridged schedule for the Rhodesiense form of the disease. STPHwas involved in the development of DB 289, as a part of an International Consortium for drug development. The development was discontinued in February 2008 due to negative reports on safety studies. STPH was involved in the clinical non-inferiority study project to evaluate safety and efficacy of the eflornithine-nifurtimox combination for the treatment of second stage T.b.gambiense infections versus eflornithine monotherapy. Swiss TPH has also collaborated in the training of health staff in good clinical and laboratory practices.