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Trade, Foreign Policy, Diplomacy and Health unit (TFD)

Department of Ethics, Equity, Trade and Human Rights (ETH)

As the acknowledged leader in global public health issues, WHO is committed to building future leaders in public health. WHO's Internship Programme provides a wide range of opportunities for students to gain insight into the work of WHO. Every year a limited number of places for internships are available.

Internships in the unit of Trade, Foreign Policy, Diplomacy and Health (TFD) provide an excellent opportunity to participate in the work of the Organization and to expand the knowledge and understanding of WHO's goals, policies and activities.

ETH department embeds the principles of universality, fairness, justice and dignity into programmes and policies across WHO and fosters effective global and intergovernmental action for health based on these principles. It provides guidance to Member States and policy-makers on how to integrate ethics, human rights, social determinants and equity into policy.

In the areas of trade, foreign policy, and international public health law, ETH works to identify major global changes that are likely to affect public health and works with WHO departments and relevant international organizations to design strategies and possible collective action for good public health outcomes.

It provides training in health diplomacy. It helps WHO address cross-sectoral health challenges by applying lessons learnt from other international organizations. With relevant international organizations, ETH supports Member States in assessing and acting upon the implications of trade and trade agreements for health.

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