Trade, foreign policy, diplomacy and health

Glossary of globalization, trade and health terms

The following glossary has been developed to promote and inform the dialogue between the trade and the health sectors.

It seeks to explain many of the key globalization and trade terms and debates from the perspective of public health, providing definitions for technical terms and showing the linkages and interrelationships between them.

Because of the constantly evolving nature of the subject it covers, this glossary should be seen as work in progress:

*It does not represent the position or policies of the World Health Organization or its Member States.

*The entries are reviewed and updated on a regular basis by recognized experts in the field. Users are welcome to send us comments and suggestions using this feedback form.

Glossary terms

We have identified 103 terms listed below in alphabetical order from "Access" to "World Trade Organization". For each definition we have inserted links to related terms to allow the user to move easily around the document and to provide an insight into the linkages and patterns within this complex subject.