Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS)

The Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) is a nationally representative household survey that was launched in February 2007 as a new component of the ongoing Global Tobacco Surveillance System (GTSS). The GATS enables countries to collect data on adult tobacco use and key tobacco control measures. Results from the GATS assist countries in the formulation, tracking and implementation of effective tobacco control interventions, and countries are able to compare results of their survey with results from other countries.

GATS has been implemented in more than 19 low- and middle-income countries with highest burden of tobacco use.

Topics covered in GATS:

  • Tobacco use prevalence (smoking and smokeless tobacco products).
  • Second-hand tobacco smoke exposure and policies.
  • Cessation.
  • Knowledge, attitudes and perceptions.
  • Exposure to media.
  • Economics.

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