Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

Databases housed by partners and other agencies

  • The World Bank - Economics of Tobacco Control database
    This website of the World Bank provides information, analysis and data on tobacco use and policies to reduce it. It covers key issues that societies and policymakers face when thinking about tobacco and its control. This database contains figures (mainly relative figures) for a wide range of countries on the following issues: tobacco use, deaths caused by tobacco use, expenditures on health, tobacco tax structures, levels and revenues, regulations and restrictions on tobacco, tobacco trade, employment related to tobacco, tobacco leaf and cigarette production, tobacco tax revenues and tobacco tax structure.
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Statistics division (FAOSTAT) database
    The Food and Agriculture Organization collects,analyses, interprets and disseminates information relating to nutrition, food and agriculture. This database contains figures (quantity and value) on production, exports and imports of tobacco leaves as well as imports and exports of cigarettes for more than a hundred countries individually and also for selected regions. (Free access is limited to 25 rows per download). The website also provides other key statistics links, national and international.