Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

Second Eurasia tobacco taxation workgroup meeting

Date: 23-26 September 2013
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

The second Eurasia working group brings together both Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Health officials from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia Federation and the Ukraine to discuss common goals, challenges and actions for tobacco taxation. It was established during the WHO high-level meeting for Eurasian countries in Geneva 28-30 November 2012, and follows the first working group meeting in Ankara 28-30 June 2013. Participants in the first working group meeting discussed detailed country and regional level plans for tobacco taxation and expressed a strong interest to learn more about the health and economic impacts of tobacco use, tobacco taxation, and how other countries and regions are successfully tackling illicit trade.

In preparation for this second meeting, WHO has prepared the following briefing on the Health and economic impacts of tobacco use in Eurasia working group countries.