Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

News releases 2000

14 December 2000
European Commission and World Health Organization to intensify their cooperation
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5 October 2000
European Union directive banning tobacco advertising overturned. WHO Urges Concerted Response
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1 September 2000
Global response to call for public hearings on tobacco control "overwhelming"
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8 August 2000
Higher taxes key to battle against tobacco, says new WHO/World Bank publication
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14 August 2000
One in five school children smoke in developing countries, new survey shows
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30 May 2000
Tobacco kills - Don't be duped, says WHO on World No Tobacco Day
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20 May 2000
"We have rekindled a spirit of global solidarity" - Dr Brundtland at the closure of The World Health Assembly
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16 May 2000
WHO briefing addresses close links between public health and trade
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27 March 2000
World Health Organization calls for public hearings on tobacco
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8 March 2000
WHO: The major impact of tobacco is on health, not on small tobacco growers
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