Capacity building

Use of genetically modified mosquitoes

We have a long-term objective to create in each region (Africa, Asia and Latin America) a pool of scientists well trained in the assessment and management of biosafety in relation to the potential use of genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes for the control of vector-borne diseases. Courses in biosafety for human health and the environment in relation to GM mosquitoes have been held in regional training centres in Africa, Asia and Latin America for 148 participants from 51 countries.

Glossina genome data

Scientists are being trained in bioinformatics and functional genomics to use the Glossina genome data that is coming out of the sequencing, assembly and annotation. This data is being used to develop DNA-based diagnostic tools for characterizing vectors, the identification of potential targets for insecticides, the development of genetic control methods, and control methods targeting the inhibition of blood feeding or interfering with the development of parasites.