TDR: (back) making a difference

TDR news item
15 January 2014

The journal PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases has published a viewpoint by TDR Director John Reeder, which reviews the status of the Programme and highlights where it’s going. In it he answers some of the questions we have heard you asking in recent times.

The article summarizes how TDR has moved beyond a difficult time in its history by returning to its proven key strengths: increasing the capacity of individuals and institutions to perform research related to their priority health issues; engaging disease endemic countries in setting the health research agenda; and fostering research and developing innovative knowledge that leads to health improvement.

Dr Reeder explains how work has moved out of product development and is now more focused on research for the implementation of improved interventions in low-and middle-income countries most heavily burdened by infectious diseases of poverty. The new structure and budget are explained, and specific examples show how the research strengthening is intertwined with support for any research project.

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