Capacity strengthening

Research on dengue vectors

TDR helps low- and middle-income countries to strengthen their capacity to conduct research and use research evidence while setting policies and strategies.

"Good science is the basis of good public health, but the challenge is to translate the best science into public policy." Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Director-General, World Health Organization

Our work

  • Strengthens capacity to conduct high quality interdisciplinary priority research needs
  • Analyses gaps and needs for agenda setting in research and capacity building
  • Facilitates translation of evidence into action
  • Promotes leadership in health research
  • Fosters harmonization and alignment of efforts for global health research and goals
  • Engages with key stakeholders around research and capacity needs

Recent news

Our staff

Reshaping how we strengthen research capacity to improve healthcare delivery

We’ve made some critical changes in the types of research education and training support we provide in order to focus our work and increase our effectiveness. These changes have moved us more strongly into implementation research, and I’d like to explain why.

Alumni profiles – remarkable achievements