Tuberculosis (TB)


Practical Approach to Lung Health (PAL)

Practical approach to lung health
Manual on initiating PAL implementation

WHO/HTM/TB/2008.410; WHO/NMH/CHP/CPM/08.02

Evaluation of the practical approach to lung health
Report of meeting held on 18-19 June 2007, WHO, Geneva


PAL: A primary health care strategy for the integrated management of respiratory conditions of people of five years of age and over
(WHO/HTM/TB/2005.351; WHO/NMH/CHP/CPM/CRA/05.3)

PAL - Respiratory Care in Primary Care Services
A Survey in 9 Countries


PAL - Practical Approach to Lung Health
Leaflets (2003)

Report of the First International Review Meeting
Practical Approach to Lung health strategy
Rabat, 4-6 September 2002.

Guide pratique pour la prise en charge des malades
ayant des symptômes respiratoires dans les formations
sanitaires de base au Maroc.

Guide pratique pour la prise en charge des maladies
respiratoires dans les services de santé publiques
spécialisés du Maroc.

Prise en charge combinée des maladies respiratoires
et de la tuberculose au Maroc.

The Adult Lung Health Initiative Report
Geneva, 4-15 May 1998.