Tuberculosis (TB)

The revised TB recording and reporting forms - version 2006

The Stop TB Department (STB) of the World Health Organization (WHO), in collaboration with technical partners, has revised the TB recording and reporting (R&R) system to align the forms and registers with the new Stop TB Strategy. The revision facilitates the monitoring of the six components of the Stop TB Strategy, which itself was developed to help achieve the Millenium Development Goals.

The revised forms and registers are presented in three complementary parts for country adaptation:

  • Part I. Essential TB data
  • Part II. Essential TB data in settings using routine culture
  • Part III. Additional TB data, primarily to be used with electronic TB recording and reporting (e-R&R)

Annexes present the existing WHO-recommended TB forms and registers that were used as the basis for changes.

The document on revised forms and registers is not a guideline. Instead it focuses on the changes made to the current set of TB recording forms and registers. For convenience, additional or modified data are circled in blue in each set of forms (parts I, II, III); removed data are circled in a red dashed line (annexes pages 56-71).


Revised TB recording and reporting forms and registers - version 2006


Formulaires et registres d'enregistrement et de notification des cas de tuberculose - version 2006


Formularios y registros para la recopilación de la información y notificación de la tuberculosis - Versión 2006