Tuberculosis (TB)

Preparing round 11 TB proposals to submit to the Global Fund

Global Fund Round 11 Strategy

The joint WHO and Stop TB Partnership Global Fund Round 11 strategy focuses on directing intensive and timely support to 16 priority countries out of the 60 intending to apply for Global Fund Round 11 to reach the highest proposal success rate for TB. For information regarding Round 11, please visit .


Decision Point GF/B24/DP4:

1. The Board recognizes uncertainties in relation to the expected funding envelope for Round 11, the Second Wave of NSAs and HSFP applications and notes that it has been revised downward to a current estimate of not more than US$0.8 billion, which may not be available until the fourth quarter of 2013.

2. The Board and the Secretariat will examine options for modification of the application, renewal and approval processes for new and existing investments in light of these resource constraints, the recommendations of the High Level Panel and the Global Fund’s strategy and reform processes. The Board will communicate the results of those deliberations no later than 1 December 2011. These deliberations will also consider options for reallocation of existing commitments to prioritize high-impact interventions, which could increase resources available for new investments.

3. As a result of the expected delay in availability of resources, the Board extends the application deadline for Round 11, the Second Wave of NSAs and HSFP applications until at least 1 March 2012.

WHO Round 11 strategy

Overview of events related to Global Fund Round 11

Major changes in Round 11 and Global Fund tools

Round 11 application form and guidelines

Round 11 application forms and guidelines available. Visit the Global Fund website.

Tools to develop successful Round 11 TB proposals

In order to complete the Epi table of the application form, you can use the following template (Note: 2010 data will be updated in October 2011 after the release of the Global Report)

  • Epi table
    xls, 80kb
  • TB country profiles
    TB country profiles provides additional information when completing the epidemiological tables in the country context section of the proposal form.

Guidance to develop Global Fund Round 11 proposal for tuberculosis control

Information notes for proposal development

Presentation of budgets in Round 11 proposals

Applicants are required to present their budget and workplan in the format provided by the Global Fund budget template. There are two tools available to applicants to prepare budgets in the required format, the Global Fund budget and work plan template and the WHO budget and work plan template. Applicants who choose not to use one of these tools should ensure that their budgets and work plan are presented in the standard format (listing reference number, objective, SDA, etc.) in order to facilitate the TRP review and grant signing process. Applicants using their own template also need to include the summary budget sheets provided in a separate Excel file in their Excel workbook. The tools and specific guidance on how use them will be soon available.

The WHO TB planning and budgeting tool is useful to establish the budget required for implementing the whole national TB plan in a time period, i.e. costing the whole TB control plan of a country. It includes a comprehensive list of activities needed to control TB in line with the Stop TB Strategy. It will also help the country identify the sources of funding and therefore the funding gap in that time period. However, applicants are advised to copy the relevant information (those activities that require funding) into the tools recommended by the Global Fund for presenting the budget.

Presentation of main monitoring and evaluation (M&E) indicators

To support the monitoring and evaluation of TB programmes, WHO and the Global Fund updated the M&E toolkit. The draft version of the toolkit for TB is available here:

  • Draft version of the toolkit for TB
    The purpose of the toolkit is to provide in one place the "essentials" of agreed upon best practices as well as references to key materials and resources. You will find descriptions of the major indicators, how they fit into general monitoring and evaluation.


Please address any technical queries on the proposal development process to: This e-mail is supported by the Stop TB Department, World Health Organization, and draws on expertise from the entire Stop TB network.

  • Stop TB Partnership Global Fund TB Friends
    Global Fund - TB Friends is an informal platform of partners that aims at facilitating inputs from the TB community into Global Fund (GF) bodies, processes and documents.