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Public-Private Mix (PPM) for TB Care and Control

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Public-Private Mix for TB Care and Control: A Toolkit

The Stop TB Strategy of the World Health Organization (WHO), adopted by most countries, recommends systematic engagement of all care providers in TB care and control through public-private mix (PPM) approaches. WHO guidelines to help implement PPM for engaging diverse care providers provide only broad principles of engagement of individual and institutional care providers within and outside the public sector. There has been a felt-need and demand for more specific guidance to NTPs on working with diverse care providers based on country experiences. This toolkit attempts to address this need.

The toolkit is designed to provide information at a glance and practical guidance. It may be necessary to adapt the guidance provided in the tools to suit the country needs and contexts. The toolkit consists of 14 tools, the first seven tools outline basic aspects of PPM implementation, while the remaining seven tools address engagement of specific types of care providers.

National Situation Assessment Tool

PPM pour traiter and lutter contre la tuberculose. Mécanisme d'evaluation de la situation nationale

The National Situational Assessment (NSA) is one of the fundamental steps which need to be undertaken in order to implement PPM.This tool suggests a plan for conducting a NSA, through a process of consultation and knowledge management. This tool helps the NTP to collect and collate information on different areas such as: the local context; the use of non-NTP providers by the population; the state of the epidemic and the readiness of the NTP. This collated information would then be used to inform the development of national guidelines for PPM implementation.

Planning and Budgeting Tool


For the Global Plan to be successfully implemented, it is essential that country-level planning and budgeting for TB control is in line with the seven regional plans and budgets set out in the Global Plan; that country budgets for TB control are fully funded; and that all planned interventions and activities are fully implemented. This tool is designed to help countries develop plans and budgets for TB control at national and sub-national level within the framework provided by the Global Plan and the Stop TB Strategy. These plans can be used as the basis for resource mobilization from national governments and donor agencies


Public Private Mix: Practical Tools to Help Implementation

This document presents a tools package for PPM-DOTS. Its aim is to help NTP managers begin involving Private Practitioners in DOTS implementation and to sustain collaboration

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