Tuberculosis (TB)

Task Force for New Drug Policy Development

Following a WHO Expert Meeting organized in June 2011 in Geneva to examine the potential implications and consequences of the introduction of new or repurposed drugs for the treatment of DS and MDR-TB in the market, and the subsequent recommendations from the WHO Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on Tuberculosis (STAG-TB), a plan has been set-up to develop new policy recommendations for the treatment of TB taking into account recent advances in drug development, and prepare for optimal uptake of new TB drugs in programmatic conditions. Subsequent to this, a Task Force for new drug policy development was established to advise and contribute to the development of a strategic plan and monitor completion of activities listed in the plan.

A first meeting of the Task Force took place in April 2012 in Geneva with the objective of outlining an overall strategic plan describing the detail of activities to be carried out for the development of new guidance for TB treatment of TB, with clear indication of timelines and expected outputs.

The second Meeting of the Task Force was organized in October 2012 to finalize information notes and prepare the policy development framework that will help guide the roll-out of new drugs/regimens for TB treatment.