Tuberculosis (TB)

WHO TB advisory bodies

Strategic and Technial Advisory Group for TB (STAG-TB)


STAG-TB provides objective, ongoing technical and strategic advice to WHO related to TB care and control. STAG-TB’s objectives are to provide the Director-General, through the Stop TB Department, an independent evaluation of the strategic, scientific, and technical aspects of WHO’s TB activities, review progress and challenges in WHO’s TB-related core functions, review and make recommendations on committees and working groups, and make recommendations on WHO’s TB activity priorities.

WHO Global Task Force on TB Impact Measurement

Myanmar national TB survey - pre-visit for pilot survey, June 2009

The Task Force was established in June 2006 and includes experts in TB epidemiology, representatives from major technical and financial partners, and representatives from countries with a high burden of TB.

Moving research findings into new WHO policies

Today’s technologies for tuberculosis (TB) control—medicines, diagnostics, and vaccines—are decades old, and improvements in these technologies or new technologies altogether would accelerate TB control efforts worldwide. “Retooling” TB control is the process for adopting and introducing new and improved health technologies with the goal of maximizing their widespread use, while minimizing delays. A pivotal point in retooling is when a global policy is revised or created to encompass a new technology or strategy.