Social determinants of health

Publications - urbanization

Key publications

Final report of the Urban Settings Knowledge Network - Our cities, our health, our future: acting on social determinants for health equity in urban settings

The key to improved health equity lies in optimizing urban settings for health. Urbanization can be a positive determinant of health in the appropriate circumstances. This KNUS report summarizes the findings concerning structural and intermediate social determinants of health that are of importance in the urban setting.

A billion voices: listening and responding to the health needs of slum dwellers and informal settlers

Paper by WHO Kobe Centre: a close look at urban slums, poverty and ill-health in the 21st century, reviewing evidence, exploring opportunities for synergy, positioning for action.

Other publications

The Urban Settings Knowledge Network prepared 14 thematic papers that can be downloaded from here:

This knowledge network has edited a theme issue in the Journal of Urban Health with summaries of the 14 thematic papers. The theme issue is for open access and can be found here:

Additional information on the work and findings of this Knowledge Network can be found at this web site: