School and youth health

Our partners in school health & youth health promotion

This is a list of our international partner organizations. We work in cooperation with them to help make all schools Health-Promoting Schools. There are two official WHO Collaborating Centres for the Global School Health Initiative, but we also work with many other agencies and organisations all over the world.

WHO calls upon governments, nongovernmental organisations, and other public and private sector agencies to help schools become Health-Promoting Schools. By doing so, such agencies will help schools implement health promotion and prevention strategies that are integrated and complementary. They will help schools minimise competition for time and attention between issues such as active living, life skills, tobacco use prevention and HIV/AIDS/STD education. They will help schools recognise and address the important relationships between many such issues. They will also help schools design and implement actions that are likely to achieve the most significant long- and short-term health and education gains.

School health and youth health promotion activites in WHO regional offices

WHO regional office for Africa (AFRO)

WHO regional office for the Americas (PAHO)

WHO regional office for Europe (EURO)

Official WHO collaborating centres for the global school health initiate

WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Education and Promotion for School-Aged Children & Adolescents

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): in 1988, CDC established the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP), within which it created the Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH). The mission of DASH is to identify the highest priority health risks among youth, monitor the incidence and prevalence of those risks, implement national programs to prevent risks, and, evaluate and improve those programs. As theWHO Collaborating Centre on Health Education and Promotion for School-aged Children and Adolescents, DASH collaborates with WHO/HEP to improve health through schools.

WHO Collaborating Centre to Promote Health Through Schools and Communities

Education Development Center, Inc (EDC): based on a decade-long relationship with the Department of NCD Prevention and Health Promotion at WHO, Health and Human Development Programs (HHD) at EDC was designated in 1998 as the WHO Collaborating Centre to Promote Health through Schools and Communities. The primary goal of the Collaborating Centre is to deliver services that strengthen the capacity of schools and communities worldwide to promote the healthy development of students, school personnel, families and surrounding commuities. Working with WHO and its partners, HHD is engaged in a variety of activities to advance school health initiatives around the globe and to serve the Mega Countries.



Shanghai Declaration

The Shanghai Declaration on Health Promotion has been endorsed by the participants of the conference.

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