Sexual and reproductive health

Ending Preventable Maternal Mortality

Ending preventable maternal mortality within reach by positioning maternal survival in the context of every woman’s right to health care and the highest attainable level of health across the life course

EPMM consultation, 2014

Forging a consensus

APRIL 2014 - United Nations agencies, donors, country stakeholders and other development partners met in Bangkok, Thailand for a “Consultation on targets and strategies for ending preventable maternal mortality (EPMM)”. The discussions were the culmination of earlier technical consultations that employed specific analytical methods to define feasible maternal mortality targets.

An indigenous Mayan woman cradles her newborn son in a maternity ward, Guatemala

Targets and strategies the post-2015 development agenda

The EPMM goal must be supported by targets and strategies since sexual and reproductive health – along with newborn and child survival – are crucial elements of sustainable development.


The EPMM Working Group invited comments on the draft paper "Strategies toward ending preventable maternal mortality". A country (Member States) and public consultation was conducted during August 2014. The next step consists in reviewing and incorporating the received comments and suggestion into the Strategy.


Consensus Statement