Sexual and reproductive health

IBP Initiative: scaling up what works in family planning/reproductive health

Mothers and their babies in the waiting room of a health center in Sierra Leone.
WHO/A. Fort

IBP is a uniquely interactive initiative through which policy makers, program managers, implementing organizations and providers are able to identify and apply evidence-based and proven effective practices to improve family planning/reproductive health outcomes worldwide. IBP works with Ministries of Health, Ministry of Community Development, development agencies and other important stakeholders at regional and country levels. The initiative is run by a consortium of partners that use proven effective practices in change management to implement and scale up effective clinical practices and programmatic approaches.

Guide to Fostering Change to Scaling up Effective Health Services

IBP has developed this guide to provide a clear pathway that links proven change practice to “how-to” steps for successful change management. This guide is for policy-makers, programme managers, operations researchers or other health professionals who want to bring about change in a health practice or set of practices. The guide is a cornerstone of IBP’s work.

The Knowledge Gateway: the largest free virtual communication platform on health and development

The Knowledge Gateway is an electronic communication platform offering free access to the largest virtual communication platform in health and development. The Knowledge Gateway supports language-specific virtual networks in French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian. It is currently used by over 350,000 people worldwide with approximately 55,000 focusing on Reproductive Health/Family Planning.

The IBP Initiative

IBP Strategy 2011-2016

IBP engages member organizations and the broader reproductive health and family planning (RH/FP) community to identify, implement, and scale up effective practices. We do this through: Sharing knowledge and resources Minimizing duplication Promoting collaboration.

IBP partners
IBP was initiated in 1999 and it has grown from the 12 original partners to 44 organizations.

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