Sexual and reproductive health

IBP Initiative: scaling up what works in family planning/reproductive health

Mothers and their babies in the waiting room of a health center in Sierra Leone.
WHO/A. Fort

25-28 January 2016 - IBP at the International Conference on Family Planning. The IBP Initiative is leading 5 interactive sessions to provide an overview of evidence based practices that address common challenges in FP programming, share examples of scale up at a country level, and highlight the role of partnerships to support scale up efforts. IBP members from regional and country counterparts will be present in all sessions, bringing field perspectives to the deliberations. The sessions will enable sharing of lessons learned on using practical, tested programmatic tools and approaches to take knowledge and experience to action.

Guide to Fostering Change to Scaling up Effective Health Services

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IBP has developed this guide to provide a clear pathway that links proven change practice to “how-to” steps for successful change management. This guide is for policy-makers, programme managers, operations researchers or other health professionals who want to bring about change in a health practice or set of practices. The guide is a cornerstone of IBP’s work.

The Knowledge Gateway: the largest free virtual communication platform on health and development

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The Knowledge Gateway is an electronic communication platform offering free access to the largest virtual communication platform in health and development. The Knowledge Gateway supports language-specific virtual networks in French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian. It is currently used by over 350,000 people worldwide with approximately 55,000 focusing on Reproductive Health/Family Planning.

The IBP Initiative

Strategic Plan 2016-2020

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Many people view IBP as a valuable platform, but there is a feeling that its potential is not fully realized and that its role needs to be more clearly defined and updated given recent changes in the family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) environment and in technology.

Useful publications

IBP Strategy 2011-2016

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