Sexual and reproductive health

Reproductive health indicators

Guidelines for their generation, interpretation and analysis for global monitoring

World Health Organization, Department of Reproductive Health and Research

Reproductive health indicators: guidelines for their generation, interpretation and analysis for global monitoring

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Number of pages: 68
Publication date: 2006
Languages: English
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In the years following ICPD, international agencies agreed on 17 indicators for monitoring the international sexual and reproductive health goals. Selection of these indicators included a comprehensive review process, and this document contains a brief description of and justification for each of the 17 indicators. The document draws on the experience gained with the indicators over the past few years, and aims to provide a structured description of generation and interpretation for each of the indicators at national level.

It is intended for national public health administrators and health programme managers. It briefly reviews theoretical and practical considerations of indicators, followed by a discussion of the definition, data sources, collection methods, periodicity of collection, disaggregation, use, limitations and common pitfalls for each of the shortlisted indicators. It is hoped that the document will contribute towards a consistent global monitoring and evaluation of sexual and reproductive health.