Sexual and reproductive health

Global action for skilled attendants for pregnant women

World Health Organization, Department of Reproductive Health and Research

cover Global action for skilled attendants for pregnant women : making pregnancy safer

Publication details

Number of pages: 34
Publication date: 2002
Languages: English
WHO reference number: WHO/FCH/RHR/02.17 - Web only


This document proposes an accountability framework for urgent and concerted action at both international and national levels for increasing access to skilled attendants. It aims to assist key actors at both national and international levels in identifying and fulfilling their core responsibilities and roles to achieve skilled care for all women and their newborn babies during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. The framework proposes a 5+5 strategy (5 key partners and 5 strategic actions) to ensure that countries and partners come together around the health agenda encapsulated in the Millennium Declaration and reduce maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity.