Sexual and reproductive health

Decision-making tool for family planning clients and providers

Implementation guide on CD-ROM

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for Communication Programs - World Health Organization, Dept. of Reproductive Health and Research

Image of the DMT CD-ROM

Publication details

Publication date: 2007
Languages: English
ISBN: 9241593229 (print)


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    For users in developing countries, or those supporting programmes in developing countries, up to 5 copies free of charge

Some of the electronic files included on the CD-ROM are available online such as the Decision-making tool, and the adaptation and training materials.


This CD-ROM contains materials to help programme managers to introduce the Decision-making tool into their family planning programme.

  • Electronic files of the Decision-making tool
  • Illustration files
  • Additional contraceptive method sections
  • Decision-making tool adaptation guide
  • Training guide and training video
  • Advocacy materials and country case-studies
  • Introductory presentation
  • Production information
  • Links to resources on the Internet